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What We Believe

People come first

We work with people, not tech. Computers and phones may be the tools we use today, but our reason for doing what we do is as old as civilization. Solve human problems. Find community.

Less is better

We don’t make things simple because it’s easier. We do it because simplicity, done thoughtfully, is beautiful, minimal, and memorable. What you see informs what you do.


We do what we say

A successful project, like a relationship, works best when everyone can speak their minds. That’s how we stay accountable. If you think our words aren’t lining up with our actions, we want to know.


Be flexible like jello

Change is a given. Our only choice is how we react. Bring it on, we say. Every new thing we learn, every piece of knowledge we acquire, is preparation for whatever comes next. We love to grow.


Enjoy hard work

Do something long enough and it becomes routine. Break the routine by learning something new or working in a different way. Learn that the work itself is the reward.


Take creative risks

We cannot be afraid to take risks. The ability to create something original and delightful within a set of given constraints is what creativity is all about. Listen closely, build boldly.


Create positive change

As members of society, we have a basic responsibility to help others. This should come through in our work, our personal pursuits, and our daily actions. Build a better world.


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