Matthew Arkema

Founder of Digital Parameters

Born into the unique fusion of country and city life on the east coast, Matthew Arkema discovered his passions early.

He cultivated a love for music from a young age, learning to master the drums, piano, and eventually guitar, with a particular fascination for synthesizers and pro-audio. Matthew’s inquisitive nature led him to explore the intricate world of audio engineering, shaping his technological prowess and fueling his lifelong interest in computers and technology.

Matthew’s quest for knowledge took him to the Institute for Audio Research in Manhattan, New York, where he immersed himself in the technicalities of music production. His educational journey did not stop there. Intrigued by the complexities of business, Matthew ventured overseas to the American University of Dubai, thus beginning his deep-dive into the world of business.

The Global Nomad

Matthew then embarked on a globe-trotting adventure, living and working in diverse countries such as the UAE, Kyrgyzstan, France, and Armenia. These experiences allowed him to see the world through different cultural lenses, enriching his perspective and informing his business strategies.

The Audio Engineer

Returning to his roots in music, Matthew spent a few years in the technical field of audio engineering, skillfully combining his love for music with his knack for technology. This period allowed him to appreciate the behind-the-scenes world of music, enhancing his technical expertise while also exploring his creative side.

The Digital Pioneer

As the digital age dawned, Matthew pivoted into the burgeoning field of online development and marketing, leveraging his technological acumen to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. His childhood fascination with computers now fueled his professional endeavors, leading to the establishment of his web agency, Digital Parameters.

Today’s Visionary

Today, Matthew Arkema stands as a trailblazing entrepreneur, a worldly businessman, and a dedicated family man. With his web agency recognized as the top choice for SEO services and web design in Fort Wayne, he channels his diverse experiences and expertise into driving growth and success for businesses across the region. A proud American patriot and a conservative Christian, Matthew continues to inspire with his unwavering dedication to his community, his country, and his faith. His journey, marked by a thirst for knowledge, a passion for technology, and an adventurous spirit, embodies the essence of his multifaceted life.

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